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Welcome to 2022!

Well, here we are into another year, and we are still left wondering what 2022 will bring!

We know how it has begun for us – extremely busy!

Who? Our guests have all been interstate, appearing after the borders were opened to Qld.

Why? We think people are more than ready to start travelling again – to reunite with family and friends, to participate in sporting events and to explore and enjoy a new destination together.

How long? Guests appear to be wanting to stay longer once they are at their destination. They have waited for some time to come, and are deciding to choose a safe destination and stay there for a longer break.

What type of stay? Guests are choosing a self-contained break, probably because they can work around their own times and costs are kept to a minimum.

Where to go? Guests appear to be seeing Brisbane more as a destination to explore now, and are using this accommodation as a base during a longer stay. They are making the most of local eateries and tourist spots and learning more about what Brisbane and the Redlands have to offer.

What we think has encouraged guests to stay with us is that they have the ability to cancel or reschedule free of charge if the need arises for the trip to be cancelled. We take the view that people are more likely to take a chance and book if there is not the fear that they will lose their money if cancellation becomes a necessity. Also the thought of being “stuck” somewhere in the case of border closure understandably suddenly adds an extra cost to a planned break.

We have heard of guests being required to pay the full amount up to a month before, and if they have needed to cancel closer to the time, they do not get their money back. We feel this is a business model we don’t aspire to – for us, we want guests to book in the knowledge that they can change plans if necessary, and with the ever-evolving Covid situation this is a constant possibility. If we need to live with the situation, then we need to adapt to the situation and make it as fair as possible for everyone.

Here’s to a brighter, more positive 2022!