The Friendly Chat Bed and Breakfast

About Us

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The Friendly Chat Bed & Breakfast is owned and operated by Chris and Trish Irons. Chris is originally from South Africa and Trish from Australia.  They have travelled extensively both overseas and within Australia, incorporating their experiences into the bed and breakfast. Chris and Trish are now both retired and enjoy the tranquility of the bay at Thorneside, whilst running The Friendly Chat B&B.

“When we have been travelling, we have opted for a variety of accommodation. We’ve spent lots of time camping, and now enjoy our camper trailer adventures but we also enjoy staying at Bed and Breakfasts. We enjoy the variety of places that you can stay, the different options that are available to you, and the people that you meet.

Starting the B&B, we knew some of the things we wanted to incorporate, and some of the things we wanted to avoid. Allowing guests to choose the amount of interaction they want to have with us is important, as we hope guests feel relaxed when they stay with us. Being able to offer advice on best places to eat, great things to see and do in the area, and viable transport options hopefully will enable people to make the most of the time they spend with us. Having the facilities to self-cater if you want is a choice we offer, as we find this invaluable.

We have been amazed at, and delighted with, the variety of people who have come to stay, bringing with them a range of interests that they have been keen to share with us in a friendly chat!”

How the Friendly Chat B&B got its Name

“When visiting my Mum in Pietermaritzburg (South Africa), there was this lovely little bird and my brother told me it was the Familiar Chat. I got mixed up & thought he said “Friendly Chat” and hence the name for the bed & breakfast.”  – Chris Irons

Familiar Chat BirdClick on the sound link to listen to the Familiar Chat bird: